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Simon Toldam Trio

KoncertKirken / ILK, København N

Experimental DKK 120/80 pr. aften - 4 dages pas 400/250

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Simon Toldam Trio is one of the most acclaimed and versatile trios from Denmark, the line-up completed with drummer Knut Finsrud (NO) and bass player Nils Davidsen, who both are major players on the vibrant Scandinavian jazz/avantgarde-scene. Whether parading or drifting, noising or silencing, the interplay between these three displays their uncanny ability to beat and blow as one organism.
The past year they have been touring Denmark and Japan, studying new material to be presented on their next and 4th album Slow Infinity, recorded in the amazing acoustics of Sendesaal.

Line up:
  • Simon Toldam - piano
  • Nils Davidsen – bass
  • Knut Finsrud – drums

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