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Ericson/Klapper/Fite (SE/CZ)

KoncertKirken / ILK, København N

Experimental DKK 120/80 pr. aften - 4 dages pas 400/250

No advance tickets

A brand new constellation on the improv scene featuring the highly original Martin Klapper with his big table of delights - collected objects of all kinds, able to produce sounds which Klapper handles with breakneck speed precision. Remarkable improviser known fx from his duo with Roger Turner and from his participation in Derek Bailey´s Company Week.
Niklas Fite is a new young supersharp swedish guitarplayer, a devoted to improvised music (as well as an exceptional jazz guitarist with strong roots in the Tristano tradition). A unique new talent with no limitations - whatsoever!
Sture Ericson is a familiar voice on the experimental scene in Copenhagen as well as on the international level.

Line up:
  • Sture Ericson (S) - sax, clarinet
  • Martin Klapper (CZ) - lo-fi electronics & amplified objects
  • Niklas Fite (S) - guitar

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