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Juno + Abekejser

HeadQuarters , Aarhus

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JUNO has its origins from the jazz line at NTNU, and plays original compositions that explore the boundaries between free and arranged music. The unusual crew gives the music a distinctive feel, and in the landscape among rhythmic motives and organic interaction, complexity combines and captivating playfulness. In the autumn of 2017 JUNO was selected to attend the Oslo Jazzfestival's "Nordic Showcase" and they have also played the main program for both Feminalen, Skien Jazzfest and Jazzfest in Trondheim that year.

Abekejser. Fierce hip hop beats and epical synth-harmonies spiced up with breathtaking melodies that solidifies in your mind. Words are unnecessary when Danish band ’Abekejser’ invites you into their spacious unique universe, in which you will be able to both dance and disappear into a musical dream.

In the woodlands lives the Emperor Tamarin (Danish: Abekejser) who parties to groovy beats of jazztronica. Abekejser is a new gang of five from ...

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Line up:
  • Juno:
  • Thea Ellingsen Grant, vokal
  • Malin Dahl Ødegård, vokal
  • Mona Krogstad, tenorsaksofon
  • Georgia Wartel Collins, kontrabass
  • Ingvald Vassbø, trommer
  • Abekejser:
  • Jeppe Lavsen, guitar
  • Jon Døssing Bendixen, synthesizere
  • Adrian Christensen, bass synth
  • Frederik Emil Bülow, trommer
  • Rasmus FIsker, drummachine

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