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Klossmajor + Hvalfugl

HeadQuarters , Aarhus

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2 koncerter.

At the crossroads between the easy-flying and the big tongue we find the peacock tree Whale Bird. A trio inspired by beautiful melodies inspired by both the Danish and Swedish folk tradition has created their very own unique sound universe. In this universe the sun can shine from a cloudy summer sky, or the rain can drizzle from a dark gray cloud of November. Whale bird's original compositions are both beautiful and melancholy, and produce from the first song an intimate
atmosphere in the room in which they play.

Klossmajor (NO) is the story of a vocal trio that became a six-man band. The slightly unconventional crew with three vocalists creates an increased focus on text and harmony. There are big contrasts in the band, ranging from humour and groove, to melancholy and improvisation. The band itself defines the music as a fresh jazz pop in Norwegian. In June 2017, they released their EP "Klossmajor" ...

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Line up:
  • Klossmajor:
  • Dorothea Økland - Vokal
  • Karoline Karlsen - Vokal
  • Maja Sørbø - Vokal
  • Håvard Ersland - Piano
  • Vidar Starheimsæther - Bass
  • Olav Andreas Abildgaard - Trommer
  • Hvalfugl:
  • Jonathan Fjord Bredholt - Piano
  • Jeppe Lavsen - Guitar
  • Anders Juel Bomholt - Kontrabass

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