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Jan Lundgren with strings: Tribute to Jan Johansson - sold out

Traditional DKK 360

The Swedish jazz pianist and artistic director of Montmartre has an ability to play with an outstanding poetic sensibility which is exceptionally moving to listen to. He carries on the legacy of the amazing pianist Jan Johansson with great diligence and curiosity. The tribute concerts are primarily based on the albums “Jazz på Svenska”, “Jazz på Ryska” and Jazz på Ungerska”. Lundgren puts his personal mark on the music while keeping Johanssons harmonies intact. The string quartet and Mattias Svensson, who has also been a part of Jan Lundgren Trio, adds something unique as well. Also, a special guest will join for these three concerts: the legendary drummer Ronnie Gardiner who lived in Copenhagen and played at Montmartre in 1962-63. He played with Dexter Gordon, Albert Ayler, Don Byas, Kenny Drew, Roland Kirk, Atli Bjørn and many others.

Line up:
  • Jan Lundgren (Piano / SE)
  • Mattias Svensson (Bass / SE)
  • Joanna Lewis (Violin / AU)
  • Emily Stewart (Violin / UK)
  • Lena Fankhauser (Viola / CA)
  • Asja Valcic (Cello / HU)
  • Ronnie Gardiner (Drums / US)

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