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Trinelise Væring & Friends

Modern DKK 225

Trinelise Væring began her musical journey among some of the biggest names in Scandinavian jazz. Today she combines Memphis soul, jazz and roots rock on stage. Her characteristic voice and sharp and catchy song writing leads to exceptional hits with genuine lyrics.
Critics agree on Trinelise Væring’s ability to make life experience swing and her ability to constantly refine her own traditionalistic style.
Trinelise Væring will be playing intimate versions of chosen songs with the help of Una Skott, afterwards the rest of the musicians will join them in a stylish arrangement.

Line up:
  • Trinelise Væring (Vokal/Guitar)
  • Una Skott (Guitar/BVS)
  • Otto Sidenius (Organ)
  • Maj Berit Guassora (Trumpet, Flugehorn, BVS)
  • Mia Engsager (Basun, BVS)
  • Fredrik Lundin (Bariton Sax/Tenor Sax/Bass Flute/Alto Flute)
  • Jeppe Skovbakke (Electrical Bass/BVS)
  • Anders Provis (Drums)

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