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BAR50 , København V

Free admission

Our bar, BAR50, invites you every Friday in February to a cozy Friday Jazz concert, where you can enjoy a glass of wine, a good cup of coffee, snacks and much more! There's always free entrance for everyone, so bring your colleague, friend or family member and enjoy your afternoon with some soft jazz tones and a view over Copenhagen’s water canal.

Sineluna consists of lead singer Luna Skov Frederiksen and the multi saxophonist Sine Christensen, who shares a love to the good melody and a common and broad background in the scene of both Jazz, soul/pop and singer/songwriting.

Sineluna plays music, which is both extrovert and yet immersive, with a desire to create an intimate and deep commen presence, touch the listener and make the songs relevant for the
The repertoire is inspired from the American jazz from the middle of the 20. century - a period, in which the finest songs and the best melodies were made. The audience can expect...

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Line up:
  • Luna Skov Frederiksen
  • Sine Christensen

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