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Vulture Forest

BAR50 , København V

Free admission

Our bar, BAR50, invites you every Friday in February to a cozy Friday Jazz concert, where you can enjoy a glass of wine, a good cup of coffee, snacks and much more! There's always free entrance for everyone, so bring you colleague, friend or family member and enjoy your afternoon with some soft jazz tones and a view over Copenhagen’s water canal.

Meet 4 talented guys! While studying jazz at the Conservatory of Amsterdam the four musicians of Vulture Forest coming from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and South Africa came together in their desire to create music that would draw from contemporary jazz while moving beyond to uncharted realms. Vejslev working with a pallet of thick dark Nordic colors creates organic open compositions that are shaped actively by the four musicians who in turn are guided by their strong melodic content. Their self-titled album Vulture Forest released in 2017 was well received by critics and was described as “an alluring blend of emotional atm...

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Line up:
  • Kristoffer Vejslev (guitar)
  • James McClure (trompet)
  • Luka Becic (bass)
  • Love Ekenberg (drums)

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