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Aarhus Jazz Orchestra - Songs to the Green Land

Modern Experimental Vocal DKK Standard: 200 / Students: 100

Songs to the Green Land is a new work based on personal Greenlandic stories for choir and jazz orchestra composed by Helge Norbakken (NO) and Jakob Buchanan (DK). A musical portrayal of the longing, the despair and the dreams of Greenlandic people.

The work is inspired by a series of personal conversations with Greenlanders in Denmark and Greenland about themes such as childhood, nature, family, and friends. The conversations recorded by the two composers were explored further into aesthetic detail in order to bring to life the uniqueness of the Greenlandic language. Together with recordings of rhymes, chants, and magic songs that the Greenlandic writer and visual artist Jens Rosing recorded in East Greenland in the 60's, as well as sound recordings from the Danish Folklore Archives, the rhythm of the language has become rhythmic structures in the music and statements from the conversations have become the text of the work. It is a magnificent, poetic, and very exciting...

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Line up:
  • Aarhus Jazz Orchestra feat. Aavaat Koret, Aningaaq Koret, Jakob Buchanan, Simon Toldam, Jonas Westergaard, Helge Norbakken. Dirigent: Carsten Seyer-Hansen