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Vassvik (NO)

World/Folk DKK 110 kr inkl gebyr

Vocal rituals are updated for the 21st century in Vassviks unique take on the ancient Joik. The Sámi artist develops new visions of animistic Joik, the vocal art of the Sámi indigenous people of Northern Europe. Torgeir's Joik goes beyond words and is embedded in the sound of a 3-stringed guitar and violins, Sámi Frame Drum, Tuvan Igil, Lithuanian Birbynė, Jew's Harp. The Arctic Avant-Garde sound is rooted in folk, classical, improvisational music. The unique performer has toured all over the world and has been widely hailed for his contemporary take on the Joik. In Denmark he has performed at Tønder Festival and Roskilde Festival and has also been on the stage at Global several times. We’re looking forward to bring him to Alice as part of the Vinterjazz Festival 2019.

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