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Modern Experimental Avantgarde DKK 120 kr./ 100 kr. stud. / 60 kr. medl. (inkluderer alle 3 koncerter)

No advance tickets

Sun Ship and Knud’s Kiosk present a mini Winter Jazz Festival at Colabs!
Look forward to a super exciting evening with three excellent bands from the Danish underground scene, playing in a bikeshop’s raw, intimate and charming surroundings!

19.00 The doors will open – Food and DJ’s Bugge&Bisen
20.00 Slimowitch
21.00 G-Bop Orchestra
22.00 Kogekunst
23.00-00.00 DJ’s Bugge&Bisen
The entrance fee gives access to all the three concerts. There will be a cheap bar.

The Danish duo Kogekunst from Aalborg, plays; drone-rock, kindergarden hits, dance-pop, noise-pis, ballads and everything else which comes to their minds. The two musicians approach the music with a childish curiosity and unstoppable playful desire. They orchestrate a psychedelic crash of genres, electric performances and barefaced sugar-pop. Kogekunst is sonic action painting.

Line up:
  • Simon Mariegaard og Oskar Krusell.

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