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Prune Bécheau (FR) / Joel Grip (DE/SE)

Lygten Station / The Community, København NV

Experimental Free Jazz Avantgarde DKK 100 kr. per aften m. 3 koncerter (studerende: 50 kr). Mulighed for køb af partout-billet til 150 kr.

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The Community Presents.. MEUF
The Community invites to a 3-day Festival during Vinterjazz called MEUF. The festival takes place at Lygten Station in Nørrebro the 22nd-24th of February, and presents some of the most interesting artists from the European scene for experimental and improvised music. The festival focuses on the right to expression in music and in life, because we believe that diversity is the foundation of inspiring and exciting music!

20.00 Mia Dyberg (DK/SE) / Anna Klett (FO) / Asger Thomsen
21.00 Lotte Anker / Nina De Heney (SE) / Lene Grenager (NO)
22.00 Prune Bécheau (FR) / Joel Grip (DE/SE)
23.00 Greta Eacott (UK)

Prune Bécheau + Joel Grip:
A duo of intense calm and tension, Prune and Joel met via the somewhat hidden scene of improvised music in Paris sharing a profound interest in the woody sound of pure gut strings as well as in the precise timing allowed through very open imaginative playing.

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Line up:
  • Prune Bécheau (FR) - violin
  • Joel Grip (SE/DE) - double bass

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