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Hess Winter Huntley with guest Nikolaj Hess.

Modern DKK 100

Release tour of new CD ‘You’. (Abovoice1020)
Emil Hess (DK) - tenor saxophone
Niklas Winter (FIN) - guitar
Richard Huntley (USA) -drums.
This trio combines original compositions with popular songs from near
and far in a very uniquepersonal way. These three
musicians have know neach others since theearly 90’s and a strong
musical brotherhood in music have been established. This trio can
take you with its music from mellow valleys to stormy mountains!
Winter’s unique melodical playing style mixed with Hess big tone and
Huntley solid rhythmsmakes a perfect match in music.

Line up:
  • Emil Hess sax, Niklas Winter guitar, Richard Huntley drums Nikolaj Hess Piano

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