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Lutter Øre #21: Anders Lindsjö/Håkon Berre (SE, NO) + Ola Paulson/Henrik Olsson (SE)

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14:00 - Anders Lindsjö/Håkon Berre (SE/(NO)

Anders Lindsjö, improviser, guitarist, bass guitarist stepped in to the swedish improvised music arena 1989, after a couple of years playing the New York scene, participating on the legendary double album Sounds: a result of the first music festival presenting swedish improv music. Among other projects Lindsjö has participated in: Bad Quartet (N.Y) Maxcolic (trio/quartet with Mats Gustafsson, Raymond Strid and Christian Munthe) David Moss (with Maxcolic) Eugene Chadbourne, Or Never (with Sten Sandell) The Artfarmer (with Mats Gustafsson & Clay Ketter) Halster (with Adam Persson & Mattias Nihlen) projects with Martin Küchen, Sture Ericson and has played with numerous musicians in the field of free improv music.... Guitar as object. Guitar as subject. Guitar as percussion. Guitar as quotation. Guitar as microphone. Guitar as a tool. Guitar as a fool. Guitar as guitar.
Håkon Berre is Norwegian drummer and composer who...

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Line up:
  • Anders Lindsjö (SE) - guitar
  • Håkon Berre (NO) - drums
  • Ola Paulson (SE) - saxophone
  • Henrik Olsson (SE) - guitar