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All Too Human + H E X

Less is more’ is a well-known saying. It’s an oxymoron because of its paradoxical nature. Paradoxes take us beyond ingrained patterns of perception, reasoning and action. That’s what is in the expression as coined by the old Greek. This newly formed unit’s music is simple without being simple. It sounds vaguely familiar and strange at the same time. It resembles a lot known and nothing known. It has a fairy tale quality and as we know, in fairy tales lots of wondrous things can happen. Down to earth and far remote, avant-garde and in the vernacular, accessible and beyond is this music.

Drummer Peter Bruun from Copenhagen has been aware through his musical career

of the creative potential and power lurking in paradoxical manoeuvres. In this new unit he has gathered three like-minded musical fellows under the All Too Human (ATH) flag. Through the years he undertook a lot of terra incognita expeditions

with pianist Si...

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Line up:
  • Marc Ducret (F): guitar (6 og 12-stringed)
  • Kasper Tranberg (DK): Trompet and cornet
  • Simon Toldam (DK): Moog, JUNO 60 and Phillicoda
  • Peter Bruun (DK): Drums and Mikrokorg, composition
  • Anders Bach, drums / effects
  • Lars Bech Pilgaard, guitar

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