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Francesco Bigoni Solo (DK/IT)

Experimental Electronic DKK Adult 120 / Student 80 - 4 day partout 400 / 250

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Born in 1982, Francesco has been active on the Italian scene since his early twenties, before relocating to Copenhagen, Denmark in 2009. He has appeared in over forty albums and toured in many different countries with the likes of Stefano Battaglia, Mark Solborg, Enrico Rava, Greg Cohen, Evan Parker, Jim Black. As a passionate and multifaceted wind instrumentalist and composer, Francesco pursues sound from all sides: he holds a degree in electrical engineering and is active in the field of electroacoustics and interaction design. Recently, he has been working on non-tactile interfaces and feedback-driven wind instrument augmentations.

Line up:
  • Francesco Bigoni - saxophone, clarinet, devices

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