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Teeth (DK/SE/NO)

Experimental Electronic Avantgarde DKK Adult 120 / Student 80 - 4 day partout 400 / 250

No advance tickets

TEETH unites three higly interesting Scandinavian musicians within Electro-acoustics. The trio consists of Anders Filipsen (DK), Herman Müntzing (SE) and Håkon Berre (NO), who in November 2018 released their debut-album 'Open Up' on ILK.

The sound of the group is characterized by a broad range of soundscapes varying between static spheres of sound, noise, extreme dynamics, uneven rhythmical structures and minimalism. An otherworldly soundexperience beyond genre and imagination. From a breathless flock of birds to schizofreniz patterns and doomsday rhythms.

Line up:
  • Herman Müntzing (SE) - Elektronik og stemme
  • Håkon Berre (NO) - Trommer og Elektronik
  • Anders FIlipsen (DK) - Synths og Knapper

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