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John Butcher & Rhodri Davies (UK/WLS) + Jaleh Negari (DK) + Cejero DJs

Two of Europe's most radical musicians are visiting an old water tower in Brønshøj during Vinterjazz 2019. John Butcher and Rhodri Davies are both known and respected at the international avant-garde scene for their tireless exploration of their respective instruments, saxophone and harp. No one plays like them, and together they create improvisations that are both raw, hypnotic and deeply fascinating.

The concert takes place inside an old water tower in Brønshøj with 34 meters to the ceiling and the massive construction will undoubtedly enhance their unique expression. A reverb of up to 15 seconds would hurt most musicians, but Butcher and Davies already play without rules. Butcher is even known for exploring places with unique resonance. His album “Resonant Spaces” was thus recorded inside both a military fuel tank, an old mausoleum, a cave at the ocean and other "resonant spaces".

Jaleh Negari performs solo this evening with a work made...

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Line up:
  • John Butcher & Rhodri Davies + Jaleh Negar

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