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ØYA + Night Repair

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Stengade is ending their Vinterjazz program with a double concert with the two Girls in Airports band members, Mathias Holm and Martin Stender, who will present their solo projects ØYA and Night Repair.

Dreams Rewind is the debut from Copenhagen-based producer Mathias Holm, under the name ØYA.
The debut album was released May 4th 2018, followed by a concert series including a performance at the Royal Danish Ballet, June 8th.

ØYA's music is the result of a strong artistic vision and the necessity of venturing deep inside the music. As described by composer Nick Martin “The music has an immediacy and clarity of expression, sounding new while having an air of timelessness. Uplifting songs that marry softness with power".

Beside his work with ØYA, Mathias Holm is a member of the acclaimed Danish band Girls in Airports. Holm has produced the record himself in his studio Mallorca and ØYA has developed from a desk drawer p...

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Line up:
  • ØYA:
  • Mathias Holm - vokal, keys, guitar
  • Jeppe Skovbakke - bas, trommer og vokal
  • Anders Vestergaard - trommer
  • Night Repair:
  • Martin Stender - sax
  • Henrik Olsson - guitar
  • Jeppe Skovbakke - bas/synth

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