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Rêve Bohème

The inspiration from the guitarplayer Django Reinhardt is the key to RÊVE BOHÈME’s music and characteristic acoustic sound. RÊVE BOHÈME has just released their sixth album on the Norwegian Gypsy Jazz label Hot Club Records. As the album title refers to, RÊVE BOHÈME has picked SIX lesser-known swing compositions from their hero DJANGO REINHARDT and matched them with SIX bebop standards that Django loved to play! When performing live RÊVE BOHÈME play Gypsy Jazz in a modern, dynamic and contemporary style which places the band as one of the interesting Nordic contributors to this European jazz-genre. More info at

Line up:
  • Jens Fuglsang: lead-guitar & vokal
  • Finn Poulsen: mundharmonika & vokal
  • Robert Pilgaard: rytmeguitar
  • Jesper Riis: bas