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Curcio / Nørgaard / Massaka

Free admission

For the first time ever, this international band has been reunited by the intuition of Terkel Nørgaard who brought this unique constellation to Terroiristen.
The trio consist of three open minded explorers, who share a strong root in the jazz tradition. They have been diving deep into so many different genres and sonic worlds that the result of this first- time gathering is going to be something really special and unexpected.
They will perform original compositions as well as classics of the great jazz tradition, revisited and filtered through their multi-faced musical lens.
Brian, Terkel and Luca always strive to find unique ways to unfold their creativity while performing, making every concert a groovy, intense, fun and deep experience.

Brian Massaka - jazz guitarist, composer and producer active on the Polish and Scandinavian music scene. As a musician he relates to the tradition of jazz, contemporary sound of European composers and wide culture ...

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Line up:
  • Brian Massaka - Guitar
  • Luca Curcio - Bass
  • Terkel Nørgaard - Drums

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