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HYPNO QLUB is a full evening filled with sonic expressions, accompanied with visuals and expressive light design. Using the beautiful frames of Koncertkirken to create a hypnotic space, electronic and acoustic music will fill the room for a duration of 4 hours. Improvisation and interaction is the fundament, and will in various forms be carried out by remarkable and highly personal sound- and visual artists from Copenhagen, Malmö, Firenze, Baskemölla and Helsingborg. The concept of concert is not really present during this evening, more a constant flow of things to listen to, to dance to, to look at, to float into, or whatever seems natural in the given moment. The audience/partypeople/spectators/guests are invited to be in the Hypno Qlub as long as they want, to come and go and come back, and to react to the sounds, actions and images, in any way they want. Hypno Qlub is a concept developed by the duo Herman & Q, where breaking the norms of the traditional concert, combined with st...

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Line up:
  • Herman Müntzing – electronics + miscellaneous
  • Qarin Wikström – electronics + misc.
  • Roberta Andreucci – electronics + misc.
  • Daniel Skoglund – graphite sequensers + misc.
  • Kristian Nihlén – light design
  • Björn Ross - visuals

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