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Ignite (SE) + Brother Magnus (DK/UK)

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A sparkle of sound ignites. Pedals capture, contort and distort. Soundscapes emerge. The bow sings. All things are intricately woven together, captivating space and enticing with intrigue. IGNITE is an organic meeting of the embellished double bass with the amplified extended voice, steered with careful intent through a web of cables, pedals and objects to construct spontaneous composition.
Ignite released their debut album “Ignition” in January 2018. The duo has toured in Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Taiwan and Australia and has done ad-hoc collaborations with musicians such as Burkhard Beins (DE) and dancer Ingo Reulucke (DE).

Brother Magnus plays meditative rytmical atmospheric music on 2x drums and 2x guitars. The music elaborate with shifts and displacements and is a kind of canon music, investigating the limits of freedom within the collective and the dogma.
"With an...

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Line up:
  • Ignite (SE):
  • Casey Moir – Voice, pedals, percussion objects
  • Johan Moir – Double Bass, objects
  • Brother Magnus (DK/UK)
  • Kristen Seier Landro - trommer
  • Greta Eacott - trommer
  • Rasmus Bak - guitar
  • Magnus Bak - guitar

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