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Johanna Borchert SOLO (DE/DK) (Lars Greve/Aske Zidore er aflyst)

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"As if in Tarkovki's masterpiece film "Stalker", Johanna Borchert plays like she'd throw a sacred stone and then would dance towards it in a direction she'd discover whilst dancing, catching fresh ideas passing by a tree or a bird call, allowing herself sudden circles or flipping direction suddenly... this done with seemingly reseted ears for each step, according to her own ear attitude and altitude, inviting the listener in a fulfilling and emotional dive. May there be some recalls of whoever and of whatever slice of musical history (one could play a clue game here), the fascinating dice-thrown-like musical sensations given by Miss Brochert are vivid, creative, and, most important, at the highest peak of aesthetical pertinence and surprise.“
- Benoit Delbecq

Line up:
  • Johanna Borchert - piano, sang

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