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Mark Solborg: Black Pipes & Prayers + Adam Pultz Melbye + Timothée Quost (FR)

KoncertKirken , København N

Experimental Free Jazz Electronic DKK 100 DKK / stud. 50 DKK

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Solborg has summoned a impressive group of players of one of his favourite instruments: The Clarinet. Top to bottom an extraordinary family meeting of black pipes. Improv, musical prayers, hymns and dense texture are all ingredients of the evening - utilising all the features of these strong, innovative players and their beautiful instruments. As a special Vinterjazz treat the Portuguese trumpeter and improvisor par excellence Susana Santos Silva will contribute to the prayers.

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Vibrating air, a trumpet, a microphone, a loudspeaker are the only devices with which Timothée Quost will bring you in a delirious musical world. Articulating a language made up of breaths, impulses, feedbacks, noises, this young sound explorer will let you get lost in his sonic daedalus.

* * *
The Autopoeitic Double Bass is a research project aimed at developing a self-organising sonic ecosystem comprised of performer, feedback double bass and lights. By routi...

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Line up:
  • Adam Pultz Melbye - double bass, microphones, amplifiers
  • Timothée Quost (FR) - trumpet, microphones, amplifiers
  • Mark Solborg: Black Pipes & Prayers feat. Susana Santos Silva (DK/IT/PT):
  • Special guest: Susana Santos Silva - trumpet
  • Francesco Bigoni - Clarinet
  • Anders Banke - Clarinets
  • Mark Solborg - Guitar
  • Peter Bruun - Drums

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