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Nenad Nikolin & Buzor Nenic Balkan Duo

World/Folk DKK 120

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Nenad Nikolin and Buzor Nenic is a dynamic duo that plays world class balkan music.
Nenad Nikolin, living in Beograd, is an active musician of guitar, tambura and vocals.
He can usually be experienced in the restaurant Splav on the Dunav river in Beograd, as well as Skardalia, a bohemian neighbourhood in Beograd comparable to Montmartre in Paris. Aditionally he plays shows nationally and internationally at festivals, koncerts, weddings etc.

Nenad Nikolin is known for his unique way of playing Starogradske og Tamburaski musical styles that has been interpreted by balkan kings like Janika Balas in tamburaski orkestar, Zvonko Bogdan and Cune Gojkovic etc.

Buzor Nenic is an accordionist and music teacher.
His family has a 300-year long tradition of playing folk and gypsy music. He won several awards both in Denmark and abroad.

Together they offer a hair-raising musical experience.
Their styles meet in spicy improvis...

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Line up:
  • Nenad Nikolin - vokal, tambura
  • Buzor Nenic - harmonika

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