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Six City Stompers

Sankt Johannes Kirke , København N

Free admission

Six City Stompers consists of young talented and acclaimed musicians that set a very high musical standard and contribute with a refreshing breeze to the traditional jazz scene.
All of the members of the band have a childhood with Louis Armstrongs music in common. Not many young people play classic, traditional and New Orlenas Jazz, and with their love for the genre it was therefore natural for the six boys to form the band Six City Stompers.
Six City Stompers play mostly vocal jazz, with the young talented crooner and sax player Mads Mathias in front, but also beautiful instrumental arrangements. Some songs have been found in the book of good old evergreensand others are originals.
Their glow and joy is easy to hear when they play, and with their age and enthusiasm they refresh the jazz
scene and attract a younger and wider crowd.

Line up:
  • Mads Mathias – vocal, saxophones
  • Peter Marott – trumpet
  • Peter Rosendal – Flugabone, piano
  • Regin Fuhlendorf – banjo
  • Kasper Tagel – bass
  • Morten Ærø - drums

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