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Girls In Airports | Xenon

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The acclaimed group Girls In Airports plays two intimate concerts at Vinterjazz.

Girls in Airports has over the last couple of years become one of the most well-known groups in the European jazz environment.

Ever since the five musician got together in 2009, they have developed- and continues to create an original universe of sound where different genres such as modern jazz, global folklore, minimalism and atmospheric tunes blends.

Girls in Airports consist of Martin Stender on sax, Lars Greve on sax and clarinet, Mathias Holm on keyboard, Victor Dybbroe on percussion and Anders Vestergaard on drums.

On this night at Xenon the band will be performing in a special live set-up where the stage will be placed in the middle of the room while the audience gets the opportunity to move around their two concerts.

Line up:
  • Martin Stender - sax
  • Lars Greve - sax and clarinet
  • Mathias Holm - keyboard
  • Victor Dybbroe - percussion
  • Anders Vestergaard - drums

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