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Reed/Moore/Petri/Svendsen: Prism

Modern DKK 320

This project is a strong collaboration between two of America’s biggest jazz heroes and two of Denmark’s new young lions. The two mature front figures, pianist Eric Reed and saxophonist Ralph Moore, have both been an established part of the American jazz scene and have played with all and sundry. If you do so, you will dedicate yourself to a whole lot of experience and understanding for the deeper soul of jazz. The two young Danes Petri and Svendsen are on their way to doing the same. They have also been part of collaborations with New York-musicians, and they also know that skill doesn’t do it alone: courage, energy and musical maturity not the least is alpha and omega if you want to move upwards in the hierarchy of jazz. Experience two generation’s meet and witness how great music arises when everyone on stage has same focus. Stylistically we are towards an updated bebop/neobop.

Doors: 6 PM
Concert: 8 PM
Students/under 26: 50% off
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Line up:
  • Eric Reed (Piano / US)
  • Ralph Moore (Tenor Sax / UK)
  • Matthias Petri (Bass / DK)
  • Andreas Svendsen (Drums / DK)

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