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Ryosuke Kiyasu (JP) // Antistatic & Ingerlise Øllgaard | Husets Biograf

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A unique experience at Husets Biograf, a mesmerizing old cinema.
Huset-KBH along with the art collective Noisy Beehive presents a unique chance to touch a music in beautiful old surroundings - the charming Husets Biograf while acting performances by an impressive lineup of musicians.
The event is made of two parts: the first one going to be a solo perfomance by the Japanese drummer Ryosuke Kiyasu, in fabulous cinema’s foyer. The second part will take us to the movie theatre where a live concert by the Danish trance-rock crossover quartet Antistatic will be accompanied with video projections by the Danish visual artist, Ingerlise Øllgaard.
Ryosuke Kiyasu is a Japanese drummer who has played in many different bands, from progressive metal to free jazz to small orchestras. Since 2003, Ryosuke Kiyasu is playing is a sort of avant-garde style performance art involving a single snare drum. His style is often described as intense and confronting and his performan...

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