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Kasper Staub/Steffen Lundtoft/ZAAR

Modern Experimental Vocal Avantgarde Something Else DKK 120 voksen / 100 studerende / 60 medlem af Sun Ship

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... is a part of a larger program at Skt. Lukas Kirke on this evening, presented by Sun Ship and Radar. The entrance fee covers access to a concert with the avant-garde sound wizard Francesca Burattelli and the one-of-a-kind performer Sofie Birch.
23:00 Sofie Birch
00:00 Francesca Burattelli
01:00 Kasper Staub/Steffen Lundtoft/ZAAR

Prepare for a magical and meditative night in Skt. Lukas Church, when Sun Ship and Radar transform the evocative hall and fill it with colourful music, vibrant visuals and modern dancers.

What happens when two musicians from one of Europe's most hyped bands let go of their songs, agreements and expectations? When they turn their attention to the room, the energy from the audience and their trust in each other, and let the music transpire from that? When the arsenal of vintage keyboards, vocal effects and pulsating beats become the gate to the unknown, th...

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Line up:
  • ZAAR (vokal), Kasper Staub (keys), Steffen Lundtofte (trommer)

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