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HYPNO QLUB II: Lars Lundehave Hansen + Sofus Forsberg + Bjørn Svin

Electronic DKK 120 DKK / stud. 80 DKK

Lars Lundehave Hansen (1978) has for nearly two decades distinguished himself as one of the visionary Danish sound artists. This through a series of solo releases and sound-installations, both in Denmark and internationally. More recently his grand exhibition The Space Between the Silence in 2017 as well as his 2016 album Terminal Velocity shows his excellent ability to build a sonic space which is both dreamy yet physical.
The musical work of Lars Lundehave Hansen has focused on exploring of the spaces between tone and noise running parallel to music in a traditional sense. Rewards includes the Danish Arts Foundation (2001) and an Honorary Mention in 'Digital Music and Arts' category at Ars Electronica (2011).
Since 2019 he has 4 permanent site-specific sound-installations at Augustenborg Palace, commissioned by The Danish Building Agency and this past summer he presented new installations on his solo exhibition This Is Sound Art! In Varde, Denmark as well as an exhibiti...

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Line up:
  • Lars Lundehave Hansen - elektronik
  • Sofus Forsberg - elektronik
  • Bjørn Svin - elektronik

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