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Johanna Borchert/Mika Forsling/Benjamin Schindler (DE/SE/DK): AMNIOTIC

Experimental Vocal Electronic Wild at Heart DKK 100 DKK / stud. 50 DKK

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As an exclusive preview of her next Album Release in fall 2020, Johanna Borchert presents AMNIOTIC.
Dwelling in a mysterious dreamtime realm where perceptive texts and incisive rhymes float within a translucent acoustic-electronic instrumental biosphere, AMNIOTIC will abstractly depict the nine months that slowly morph from the inception of life to the everyday miracle of new birth. Like an audio micro-photograph ... without the sentimentality.
A far cry from the dreaded dime-a-dozen singer-songwriter-as-emotionally-overwhelmed-parent record, AMNIOTIC will dispense with the narrative cliché of maternal hope, doubt, fear, joy, expectation, depression, and acceptance to document the inner workings of biological change, hormonal shifts, and psychological challenges with a language that is simultaneously scientific and vernacular ... set to music that movingly portrays both the age-old intra-uterine world and modern extra-bodily environments in contrast and correspondence.

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Line up:
  • Johanna Borchert - piano, vocals
  • Mika Forsling - processing, electronics
  • Benjamin Schindler - visuals

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