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Abekejser - Floating Through The Universe Cat. nr. AT054

Forget everything you knew about instrumental music
Fierce hip hop beats and epical synth-harmonies spiced up with breathtaking melodies that solidifies in your mind. Words are unnecessary when Danish band ’Abekejser’ invites you into their spacious unique universe, in which you will be able to both dance and disappear into a musical dream.
In the woodlands lives the Emperor Tamarin (Danish: Abekejser) who parties to groovy beats of jazztronica. Abekejser is a new gang of five from the top of the lively musical scene in Aarhus, Denmark. Together they have created an instrumental portal to an intriguing new universe.
With a background mostly in jazz and world music you might expect a certain sound, but Abekejser has long transcended the fixed templates and thrown the double bass on the fire. What you get is a sound built on strong beats from a combination of electronic drum machine and a...

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Line up:
  • Jon Døssing Bendixen [keys & vocoder]
  • Jeppe Lavsen [guitar]
  • Frederik Emil Bülow [drums]
  • Rasmus Fisker Pedersen [drum machine]
  • Adrian Christensen [bass synth]

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