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Lars Jansson Trio (SE/DK)

Mainstream DKK 160 kr

Swedish Lars Jansson is without a doubt one of the greatest jazz pianists and composers in Europe. For 4 decades, he has thrilled fans around the world with his easily recognizable universe of catchy and singable melodies with a clear Scandinavian footprint.
Jansson's preferred format is the piano trio, which he has cultivated in great style. Here he shows what a great pianist he is. For more than 10 years, the current musicians in the Lars Jansson trio have played together. It has led to a number of record releases as well as countless tours in Europe and Asia.
In Denmark, Lars Jansson is loved for his original fusion of the Nordic, lyrical tone and jazz's established swing as it is known from the USA.
The Lars Jansson trio plays better than ever, so you can expect a great experience with world-class trio jazz.

Line up:
  • Lars Jansson (pno)
  • Thomas Fonnesbæk (bas)
  • Paul Svanberg (dr)

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