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Selvhenter – få billetter

The fascinating music of Selvhenter is created by a foundation of strong polyrhythmic patterns from the two drummers (Anja Jacobsen and Jaleh Negari) while the trombone (Maria Bertel) and saxophone (Sonja LaBianca) intertwine in heavy riffs, pop-like melodies and raw textures of sound. The horns are often manipulated by the use of effect pedals which gives a special timber of multiple amplified overtones and frequencies. As a result, the sound of Selvhenter is beautiful, energetic and danceable. It brings to mind associations of rock, pop, noise, drone and improvisation – but also influences from the percussion music of Africa and Southeast Asia as well as modern minimalist composition.

The four members of the band are all well-known musicians on the Copenhagen experimental music scene. In 2010, Maria Bertel, Jaleh Negari, Sonja LaBianca, Anja Jacobsen and (former Selvhenter-member) Maria Diekmann founded the artist collective and label Eget Værelse (A Room of One’s...

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Line up:
  • Maria Bertel (tb), Anja Jacobsen (dr), Jaleh Negari (dr)

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