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Jacob Anderskov Emerald + Henrik Olsson solo

Experimental DKK 100 DKK / Stud. 50 DKK

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New compositions by Anderskov. En broad, resonant pantonality. Color saturated compositions and improvisations, oscillating between the spectral and the expressive. Materials and organisational principles from organic structures, crystallized into the domain of minerals.

Henrik Thor Oscar Olsson is a Swedish guitar player, improviser and composer, based in Copenhagen. He is existing on a continuum between free improvisation, noise and experimental music and is curiously exploring and embracing the multifaceted nature of the electric guitar, with meticulous attention to the instruments timbral and textural subtleties. His visions as a composer is manifested through his own projects, as his latest project Hand of Benediction, which received an Honorable Mention in New York City Jazz Record 2019 and was by Vital Weekly called “a lovely madness and a very remarkable statement”, as well as his debut album Penumbra Ensemble, which was referred to as "a fascinating debut an...

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Line up:
  • Lotte Anker, sax
  • Anders Banke, clarinets & alto flute
  • Henriette Groth, clarinet & viola
  • Jacob Anderskov, pno
  • Nils Davidsen, bass & cello
  • Peter Bruun, drums
  • Henrik Olsson - guitar

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