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Margaux Oswald Collateral Damage + Efternøler/Goodwin/Dybbroe

Experimental DKK 100 DKK / Stud. 50 DKK

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Margaux Oswald Collateral Damage is an inter-European congregation creating spontaneous, multilayered music. The constellation could be described as unorthodox: A Swiss pianist, a Danish drummer, two guitarists, one Swedish and one Norwegian, three double bassists; one Polish, one Latvian and one Lithuanian. The diversity of languages mirrors the richness and multiplicity of musical perspectives inherent in this improvised chamber ensemble.

Line up:
  • Margaux Oswald - piano
  • Simon Forchhammer - drums
  • Niklas Fite - guitar
  • Hein Westgaard - guitar
  • Rafal Rózalski - double bass
  • Uldis Vītols - double bass
  • Johannes Nästesjö - double bass
  • Efternøler/Goodwin/Dybbroe:
  • Anne Andersson - trompet
  • Maria Dybbroe - altsax
  • Carolyn Goodwin - klarinet

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