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HYPNO QLUB II: Egil Kalman (SE) + Qarin Wikström/Herman Müntzing (SE/DK) + Valeria Miracapillo (IT/DK)

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Herman Müntzing is an experimental and improvising musician and composer from Baskemölla, Sweden, who prefer to treat and mistreat different kinds of acoustic and electric objects whenever and wherever it is appropriate. 
His musical world embraces sounds produced by “normal” musical instruments as well as short-circuit video-mixers, children toys, found objects and slowly rolling ping-pong balls. He is also the creator of 12 stringed experimental instrument “Flexichord” built out of strings and pickups from 2 electric guitars attached to a piece of massive wood.

Qarin Wikström is an improvising and composing vocalist and musician, and has been an active part of the blossoming avant-garde and experimental music scenes in Copenhagen for well over a decade, having released 18 albums so far, as main composer or co-writer. With a background in a broad spectre of genres as classical chamber music, pop, jazz, Swedish folklore and freely improvised music, Qa...

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Line up:
  • Egil Kalman - modularsynt
  • Qarin Wikström - elektronik, vokal
  • Herman Müntzing - elektronik
  • Valeria Miracapillo - elektronik

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