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Drømme På Mange Sprog

Vocal Jazz for Kids Jazz for Kids DKK 98kr voksen entre/ 58kr børne entre

Dreaming in many languages is a new crossover program made for children between 6 and 12 and their
parents. The concert features songs and instrumental compositions written by Rachel Yatzkan dedicated
to the love between children and their parents. The lyrics are written by the three poets, Kenneth Krabat,
Cindy Brown, Jesper Lützhøft sung by Shiri Ginnerup (10 years old) and are about children who have
immigrated to Denmark from the north-west, south and east and tell about the long journey from their
homeland, dreams, hopes and experiences. The music is a conversation between classical, ethnic and
jazz music.

Shiri Ginnerup - vocals
Rachel Yatzkan - saxophones and vocals
Morten Ginnerup - piano

Line up:
  • Shiri Ginnerup – vokal
  • Rachel Yatzkan – saxofoner og vokal
  • Morten Ginnerup – klaver

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