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JustUs2 Valentines Day Concert

Modern Blues Swing Traditional Vocal DKK 108kr voksen entre/ 78 student entre/ 198 Concert-Brunch voksen entre/ 168 Concert-Brunch Studentt

JustUs2 is for the lover in you. The lover of Jazz Standards and romantic tones from the Greatest Jazz Composers and Artists of all time. Each note is like a perfectly ripe strawberry bubbling in a glass of Champagne. Jazz and Blues sensually shared in sweet harmony of vocals and guitar that are reminiscent of Tuck and Patti and filled with Swing, a bit of bebopping, while keeping true to the origins of it's soul.

JustUs2 is romance and Love. Immerse in pure sweet and sultry tones from this sensational sublime duo. DeBorah the American Soulful, Jazz and Blues multi-octave Songstylist and Jazz Guitar proficient Francesco Cigna who takes you back to the days of DJango Reinhardt. Their's is a musical "marriage" to be consummed like a chocolate truffel.

Line up:
  • Francesco Cigna Guitar
  • DeBorah vocals
  • Photo by Betty Cerveaux-Mayer

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