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Lars Greve: En verden, der melder sig

Lars Greve
En verden, der melder sig
14.02 – 20.02.22
Copenhagen Contemporary

In February, Lars Greve, woodwind player and composer, will transform the large Hall 6 at CC into a resonant sound work. Via special sound transmitters mounted on 50 meter long ventilation ducts, the hall will come alive to the vibrating sound of a clarinet. Greve plays from his musical intuition both on and with the space in a symbiotic interplay where the audience become co-composers. The sound installation invites visitors to listen and sense the space, experiencing an emerging world. During Vinterjazz 2022 Greve performs a total of fourteen improvised concert installations in the former welding hall – a listening format never before staged at this scale, neither in terms of square metreage nor number of concerts.

"En verden, der melder sig" is presented in collaboration with Resonerende Rum.

Line up:
  • Lars Greve

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