Huset, Xenon

Rådhusstræde 13, 1466 København K
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Huset is Denmark’s first and largest culture house founded in 1970. Today Huset hosts approximately 1,600 annual events, distributed across 5 diverse stages, a cinema, and a board game café. Everything from live music, theatre performances, alternative cinematic films, to spoken word and stand-up comedy can be experienced here, at Huset. Each year more than 500.000 guests visits Huset and every week you can find high standard jazz concerts presented by Paradise Jazz. During Copenhagen Jazz Festival Huset presents all kinds of jazz genres and Huset even has free concerts in the their cosy yard. Inside Huset, you can find a board game cafe, a small ‘kitsch’ event cinema, as well as an interesting concert venue for both upcoming and established artists. This venue contains unique experiences for everyone regardless if you speak Danish or English! Huset offers financially friendly prices, even for tightest wallets, and often holds many free events. This unique culture house has a re"...

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