Sydområdet 4B, 1440 København K
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One of Copenhagen’s best live venues, Loppen, is situated in Christiania.

Even though Loppen is a relatively small venue with a capacity of only 400, bands like Blur, Animal Collective, Beck, Smashing Pumpkins, The National and many others have played here, along with a long list of more or less unknown bands from all over Europe, UK and USA.

Loppen does not have a narrow profile, but hosts concerts with a wide selection of expressions, often with a distinctively ’alternative’ twist: surf, neo folk, jazz, death metal, punk, hip hop, dubstep - the list goes on. The atmosphere is intimate and relaxed, and you get really close to the music, very literally, because the stage is not much more than 25 centimetres above floor level.

Loppen’s motto is “Going out of business since 1973”, and interior-wise not much has changed since then. Except for lights on stage and in the bar, the rest of the venue is lit by can"...

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