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Fuldmånekoncert med Lars Greve

Free Jazz Special Projects DKK Billetten gælder som entré til museet, hvorefter koncerten er gratis.

Inside the exhibition HOUR OF THE WOLF – Ingvar Cronhammar, Lars Greve has created a sound work embedded in a circular wall. He has transformed the wall into a speaker that can be activated to play music at selected times.

Responding to the exhibition’s title, HOUR OF THE WOLF, Greve decided that the work will be activated every full moon throughout the exhibition period. When you are inside the room, you can feel the wall shaking as vibrations in your body, hearing how the sound is shaped by the wall.

Called Sometimes, the sound piece constitutes a scenographic and aural sounding board for the experience of Ingvar Cronhammar’s sculptures. Together, the sound and the sculptures form a totality of sensory experience, a world that you can feel, see and hear.

At each full moon, a concert is performed in the exhibition space, making up a total of ten separate events. When Lars Greve takes over the space, the acoustic sound of the clarinet...

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Line up:
  • Komponist og træblæser Lars Greve opfører fuldmånekoncert inde i udstillingen ULVETIME søndag d. 5. februar kl. 13.00
  • Koncerten varer ca. 1 time.

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