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PJ Fossum’s Count to 5

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PJ Fossum’s Count to 5 is a new constellation of alto saxophonist Daniel Sousa (PT), guitarist Mané Fernanes (PT), bassist Luca Curcio (IT), drummer Lasse Schjerning (DK), and pianist and composer Paul Jacob Michel Fossum (CA). Their music pulls strongly from the contemporary New York jazz scene, interwoven with elements of Nordic Jazz and European Improvised Music. This ensemble pulls together these divergent streams from the delta that is jazz in the 21st century with an intention to distil what defines jazz to them in this time and place.

PJ Fossum is a Copenhagen based pianist, synthesist and electronic musician. Born and raised in Canada and having cut his teeth in New York, he’s been moulded into a versatile and genre defying artist. With a focus on improvised and jazz music, he pulls from ambient to avant-garde, bebop to baroque, indie-rock to impressionist and merges these influences in an inventive and expressive manner across both acoustic and electronic i...

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Line up:
  • Daniel Sousa (PT) - reeds
  • Mané Fernanes (PT) - guitar
  • Luca Curcio (IT) - guitar
  • Lasse Schjerning (DK) - drums
  • Paul Jacob Fossum (CA) - piano and compositions

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