Maluba Orchestra

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“...Over the course of three years, this Danish ensemble has evolved an idiom all of its own,
in which improvisation and composition live happily together. It can switch from wild
freedom to disciplined accuracy in an instant and generate a fiery rhythmic drive” – The
Guardian, UK, nov 2019
“There’s something swinging in Denmark, as this disc attests...Amid some stormy
arrangements there are elegantly (Ellingtonian, even) stated passages—it’s delightfully
disorienting” - New York City Jazz Record, US, feb 2020.
“...To listen to this album is to take an interesting walk along a cool, north beach, discovering
beautiful pebbles and rounded glass on the way – each one unique and surprisingly different
from the last”. -, UK, feb 2020

Line up:
  • Fredrik Lundin (mezzosopran- og tenorsax, fløjte og basfløjte)
  • Aske Drasbæk (altsax og fløjte)
  • Pernille Bévort (tenorsax, altfløjte, klarinet og basklarinet)
  • Jesper Løvdal (barytonsax, altfløjte, klarinet, bas- og kontrabasklarinet)
  • Tomasz Dąbrowski (trompet og flygelhorn)
  • Maj Berit Guassora (trompet og flygelhorn)
  • Mia Engsager (basun)
  • Annette Saxe (basbasun og tuba)
  • Kasper Bai (guitar og direktion)
  • Makiko Hirabayashi (piano og keyboards)
  • Klavs Hovman (kontrabas og el-bas)
  • Bjørn Heebøl (trommer)
  • Marilyn Mazur (percussion og direktion)

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