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VS DOOM (Day 3) | Xenon Residency

VS DOOM is recording an album during VinterJazz and they want you with them!

VS DOOM is a collection of composers and musicians from the Copenhagen jazz scene, who have created a Big Band the likes of which you have never heard before - Somewhere between Can and Fella Kuti! Kraut Rock and 1970s Afro Beat -

Enjoy front man M. Rexen: known for whipping up an atmosphere with his wild dance moves and divine voice. In the band an unstoppable series of award-winning composers such as Mingus Von Ende - Peter Danstrup - Kristian Tangvik and the legendary guitarist Hr Hårløv from Tuhaf also known as Anti-K from the legendary Hiphop group Sort Stue.

3 evenings in a row - VinterJazz official after party!

Be careful what you say, because they will record everything and release the record this Summer in connection with there show at FelaBration in Nigeria ! Precursor to thier East Africa tour.


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Line up:
  • Vokal: M. Rexen
  • Trommesæt: Rune Lohse
  • Bas: Peter Danstrup
  • Guitar: Kristian Haarlov
  • Tuba: Kristian Tangvik
  • French Horn: Lise Munch
  • Trumpet: Erik Kimestad
  • Tenorsaxofon: Mads Egetoft
  • Klarinet: Mathilde Schelin
  • Kor: Nina Baun
  • Keys: Henrï Gibbs