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Rain Beat Musik

Modern Smooth Jazz Vocal DKK 100 kr per person

A duo with Pia and Klaus.
Klaus has played in various musical projects within the genres of pop, blues, rock, country, soul and jazz. He started at a young age where he played guitar part in the Dansk Vandrelaug's Mandolin Orchestra. Since then he has played in orchestras such as Magic, Canyon, later Aretha Franklin Jam, Abbey Road Jam, Bror Kølles Kapel and currently now in B.Loose Blues Band.

Pia has a past as a singer in various jazz, rock and pop bands. The collaboration with Etta Cameron in Voices Of Joy was the starting period in 1998 with the Gospel Tour with Etta, Debbie and Steve Cameron.

The project RAIN BEAT Music was brought to life with songs and music productions that have since been in development with various producers, such as Niels Harboe, Debbie Cameron, Rowan and Thomas Nesborg.
With Pia's Tribute to Michael Jackson, it is almost a journey that never ends.

The concert cost 100 kr. per person, including a gl...

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Line up:
  • Pia Larsen: Vokal
  • Klaus Gregersen: Guitar

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