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Anders Filipsen + SloGlo X TURIST

Experimental Electronic DKK 100 DKK / Stud. 50 DKK

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For this evening Anders Filipsen presents the work 'Order and Chaos' created for the Concert Church. The work takes its point of departure from Concert Churchs local environment - that is, Nørrebro and the coexistence between calm and chaos as well as nature and culture. The work is a composed solo work for the synthesizer and environmental sound with inmate processes of free improvisation. The work places the listener in the middle of it all - surrounded by the sound. This also gives the listener the opportunity to move around to the different speakers and become active recipients of the chaos themselves and get the opportunity to create order through a changed perception.
Over the past few years, Anders Filipsen has focused on silence and presence, as well as an interest in the cultures place in relation to nature. In the aural processing of these subjects, he has used both acoustic, synthetic and electronic sources as well as environmental sound, and this work is a natural c...

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Line up:
  • Anders Filipsen - keyboards
  • Ditte Bolt - Visuals
  • Matt Carroll - drums
  • Rasmus Kjær Larsen - keyboards

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